On work attire I host strong feelings. From adherers, Casual Friday and Business Casual stole the will to present their best. The result of this movement? An entire US populace to whom it is acceptable to show up for work looking like they are going on a grocery store run. The fallout? Work product and attitudes that are reflective not of the best an individual has to offer, but rather what they feel like offering. Not very professional or productive. Ladies, a mid-range heel or a flat loafer is ideal for work in the business sector. If yours is a desk job, there is NO REASON work selection should not routinely include, at minimum, mid-range heels. Wonder why that promotion continues to be elusive or that raise a nickel short of two quarters? Well, if you're not giving your best Mind|Body|Spirit then why should you be rewarded? For work, layering vintage pieces with modern create not just professional experienced silhouettes but also transition beautifully from work environment into the happy hour|dinner scene. Pairing silks with denim, suede, and |or fur combine strong texture and encourages the company to take you seriously because YOU do. My goal in a business setting is to look like I cost a fortune and perform like I cost a fortune so my boss won't hesitate paying me a fortune. Packaging is important. If you don't believe this, see how you feel when you're saddled with a dented cereal box or canned goods can. Do the work, ladies. Do the work. Vest: Platinum; Blouse: Folio by Saks Fifth Avenue; Skirt: Laundry by Shelli Segal; Boots: Michael Kors; Belt: Ronald Pineau; Bag: Chloe; Eyewear: LaFont
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