Thirty Pearls

When Dr. Gary Lysik and I first got married, fairly quickly I noticed when I thought in terms of him being "the man I would spend the entire rest of my life with" the goal seemed daunting, slightly mundane, predictable. It wasn't until I changed my reference frame to "this is the man I will walk hand-in-hand with tomorrow" did the pressure to *make-it-work-for-a-lifetime* lift. Ten thousand nine hundred and fifty [+] tomorrows later I haven't stopped looking forward to living the gift of a next day.

To the then faceless Prince of my prepubescent fantasies, to the man who is the primary reason I am confident there is a never ending wealth of water in tomorrow, to the guy who ROCKS the sanctuary of my give exceptionally exciting love. THANK YOU for breathing into my life rich fullness and meaning. THANK YOU for making the word marriage something I can hold in high esteem. THANK YOU for selecting me to take this journey with you. THANK YOU for thus far delivering to me EVERY. SINGLE. THING. you promised 35 years ago. I am so proud of you, Garamy. I am elated to call you my Bestest of Best Friend and honored to be your wife. THANK YOU for such an enchanting 30th Anniversary Celebration. Double or nothing? :9) (British Virgin Islands)
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