Like the preparation that goes into attending a job interview, ideally, worship attire reflects a spirit of reverence, while presenting at one's best. To attend the first worship service of the year, my look was built around a gingham print. Wearing gingham can be a challenge, the smaller box prints being easier than the larger bolder patterns. Paired with a solid color moves what could otherwise be quite casual and busy into upscale perfection. Because certain prints, like gingham, carry a relaxed, dated, almost manual labor feel, building a look that ultimately projects a modern, fresh, upscale vibe raises interest level and scores a fashion win. I paired a gingham blouse and matching corset with a maxi length cotton fishtail|mermaid skirt. The marriage of contrasts - checkers and solids, refined with work fabric, moves the look into a celebration of femininity. Clean uncluttered lines and minimal adornment places praise exactly where it belongs. Blouse and Corset: LSO Designs; Skirt: Fernando Garcia; Metallic Leather Belt: Diane Von Furstenberg; Bag: Chloe; Shoes: MASTER&MUSE x IVANA BASILOTTA; Sunglasses: Lanvin
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