Award Season

This look, introducing a number of challenging elements, is a glorious representation of 51 Reasons why beauty IS NOT, logically, about a number. Being beautiful is about confidence, it's about prioritizing care to maintain Body|Mind|Spirit. We're talking about a beauty deeper than surfaces of bone structure and skin. For this look funky trousers and playful jacket marry, making a strong statement of arrival. Carrying forward the trousers neutral tones and textures produces an harmonious visual feast. Interested in a modern take on camisoles? Bralettes can't be beat. Those especially top-heavy should probably avoid bralettes altogether since they are unforgiving, and side-spillage factors. Bralette styles works best on smaller breast sizes. However, for those not planning on removing a jacket or blazer, bralettes prove to be the PERFECT celebrate femininity answer. Because they are fitted to the body's form, they offer a more custom tailored effect totally worth the investment. Careful selections will yield choices with built-in breast support. A bonus is the variety of interesting colors, styles, and textures available. Bralettes work well under tailored jackets and blazers. The purchase of 1 or 2 bralettes is enough to fold comfortably into a wardrobe. Remember, too much of any one article, style, or color arrests intrigue leading to style predictability. Finally, move away from limiting Elegant to floor-length gowns. Breaking down these dated constructs invites freshness and widens style options. Trousers: Anne Sofie Madsen White Leather and Mesh Colorblock Speed Demon; Top: T by Alexander Wang; Black Leather Raw-Edged Triangle Bralette; Blazer: MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA; Bag: J&X NY; Shoes: Aperlaï
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