Lovi's Delicatessen *Soft Opening*

Overalls. On the topic of overalls there are two camps: Love them or hate them. I find them useful ONLY IF they combine interesting style with cool fabric and a kick-butt pair of casual heels. There is NO BETTER WAY to make a playfully cool relaxed statement while maintaining long, sleek lines. Pairing luxurious accessories can turn a farmhand look into a mega- watt fashion statement. For our friend, Alex Lovi's *Lovi's Delicatessen* pre-grand opening private event, understated chic was the way to go since the event was hosted between the hours of 9am and 3pm the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding grand opening.
Necklace: 14 kt Yellow Gold 40 Sorority Row; Overalls: Fornarina; Blouse: Don Gil; Bag: Chloe; Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Plum; Shoes: Studio Pollini
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